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What are the Benefits of Using Surgical/ Dental Loupes?

At L.A. Lens we are passionate about providing our clients, whether they are dentists, dental hygienists or surgeons, with an effective ergonomic visual solution. Surgical/ Dental Loupes are designed to allow the user to keep an ergonomic posture while working. This means the user will have a straight back and neck, preventing severe back, neck, and shoulder pain from hours of hunching over patients. An ergonomic posture is key, as it allows users to work for long periods of time comfortably, leading them to be more productive and effective on a daily basis. It is for this reason we have seen loupes become a standard in dental and medical schools across the world. 

How do Surgical/Dental Loupes produce an Ergonomic Posture?

Loupes produce an ergonomic posture by the Angle of Declination they offer.

In the picture above, the angle of declination is apparent. The declination refers to how steep the barrels are angled downwards in the loupe frames, providing the user with the ability to sit upright in an ergonomic position while being able to see the patient below. At L.A. Lens we understand how important the Angle of Declination is in promoting a healthy ergonomic posture. As a result, we supply the steepest possible angle for our clients.

Additionally it is the Magnification provided by Surgical/ Dental Loupes which prevents the natural tendency we have to lean in and hunch over to get a closer look at our focus area, like this doctor pictured below.


At L.A. Lens we provide 2.5x, 3.3x and 4.0x magnification loupes, with distortion-free optics that will produce an image in perfect clarity - as we recognise the need for precision. By doing so, we ensure your subject area will be seen with great ease, comfort, and definition, refraining from adding strain to your posture or your eyes. The image below demonstrates the correct ergonomic posture which is achieved by L.A. Lens' Angle of Declination and Magnification. 


We hope you find this advice useful and please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further questions.
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  • Teal Smallwood
  • Dental LoupesDentistryInstructionSurgical Loupes

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