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What Should I Look For When I Buy Loupes?

One of the main benefits of purchasing products online is the ability to easily and conveniently comparison shop. In regards to dental and surgical loupes, there are a number of brands offering very similar products and consumers are often left wondering why they should choose one brand’s loupes over another.

In this blog post, we hope to clarify a) the key features to look for in a pair of loupes, and b) why L.A. Lens should be your go-to loupe brand.

The main purpose of loupes is to provide magnification to medical and dental practitioners who engage in work that requires great precision. Loupes are meant to allow for a higher level of accuracy and focus than what can be done with the naked eye. In order to obtain this higher level of accuracy and focus, loupes must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Effective magnification— Provide the necessary close-up view to account for the level of detail required for the job. L.A. Lens provides 3 different levels of magnification to cater for this- 2.5x, 3.3x, and 4.0x. It is important to note that users’ needs depend on their preference and focus of work.
  2. Depth-of-field— A large depth-of-field is necessary for a focused, magnified view. The depth-of-field dictates the range a user’s loupes will remain in focus while he or she works. At L.A. Lens, we understand the importance of this and it is why we specialize in providing loupes with an exceptional depth-of-field of up to 6 inches, while most brands only provide 3-5 inches depth-of-field.
  3. Field-of-view— This is the diameter of the magnified circular view seen through loupes. A wide field-of-view is key because it means users will have a greater amount of their subject area in focus, magnified, and visible. The picture below depicts L.A. Lens wide field-of-view in comparison to the narrower field-of-view which is often found in other brands of loupes. As seen in the image below, L.A. Lens provides the widest possible field in order to allow users to see the largest possible area in magnified focus.
  4. Clarity/ Distortion-free—When you are working with magnified precision, the slightest distortion can result in an inaccurate view of the object in front of you and will essentially eliminate the purpose of loupes all-together. At L.A. Lens, we took this into account when creating our high-definition surgical loupes and it resulted in loupes that provide edge-to-edge clarity and distortion-free optics.

When doing your research, always keep in mind: magnification, depth-of-field, field-of-view, and clarity. We hope this information helps to narrow down your choice when purchasing your next pair of loupes and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

The L.A. Lens Team

  • Teal Smallwood
  • Dental LoupesInstructionL.A. LensSurgical Loupes

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