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Video Dentistry Made Easy

Advancements in technology have made video dentistry now more accessible than ever before. While many dental practitioners have become accustomed to relying on still images and written text to convey information, products like the MiniCam HD allow this information to be more effectively and efficiently communicated through video.

Up until recent years, the technology to capture video in dental practices has either been too low of a resolution, too expensive, or located at an angle that did not reflect the dentist’s perspective. The MiniCam HD overcomes these issues, having been designed to capture exactly what dental practitioners see through their loupes, in high definition. Because the camera is both head-mounted and operated by a foot pedal, video recording seamlessly integrates into the dentist’s working day. Photos can also be taken using the foot pedal, allowing for an effortless, hands-free experience. It is this ease of use that will propel the next generation of video into dentistry.

Because the MiniCam HD allows us to see through the eyes of the user, it is easy to tailor oral healthcare guides to each individual client, as well as show treatment recommendations and share videos with patients, colleagues, and specialists. The MiniCam HD enables the user to identify, record, and reflect on treatments, providing another dimension that will improve communication in dental practices. Additionally, all videos can be linked into practice management software for ease of access.

Below you can see the quality of MiniCam HD videos, as well an example of snapshots that can be taken to highlight key steps during each procedure.


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  • Teal Smallwood
  • Dental CameraDentistryInstructionMiniCam HDSurgical CameraVideoVideo Dentistry

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