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MiniCam HD Survey Results

We surveyed 591 medical and dental professionals to discover what their main use would be for a loupe-mounted HD video camera. Teaching and lecturing took the lead, with 53.8% of participants choosing this benefit. It is evident that the ability to record videos and take pictures from the user's perspective is an invaluable teaching and learning tool. Users also prosper from the private cloud server, which enables them to quickly and easily email their videos to students, colleagues, and patients. Is teaching/ lecturing what you would choose? Post your comments and let us know!

The results from the survey are posted below. Thanks to everyone who participated!

What would be your main use for the MiniCam HD camera?
53.8%     Teaching/ lecturing
14.4%     Documentation
11.5%     Live previewing
18.2%     Improving patient care
0%          Increasing sales
0%          None of the above
Take 5 Megapixel Photographs with the MiniCam HD Loupe-Mounted Camera

Did you know… 

Not only can you use the L.A. Lens MiniCam HD to take HD videos, you can also use it to take high-definition, 5-megapixel photographs. This function is entirely unique to the MiniCam HD and results in higher definition photographs than can be attained with any other loupe-mounted camera on the market.

For dental and medical professionals who are used to taking high quality photos with DSLR cameras, this 5-megapixel function is key. Still images taken with this setting come out clear, crisp, and in a high enough resolution to be zoomed in and enlarged. Pictured below is a still image taken with the MiniCam HD.

One of the most exciting benefits of using the MiniCam HD to take your high-resolution images is that the MiniCam HD is entirely hands-free. By tapping the foot pedal, you are able to capture exactly what you see through your loupes in perfect focus. Images are taken from your point of view and you do not have to stop what you are doing to take them. Similar to the video recording function, you are able to take still images using 2x, 4x, or 8x magnification.

Another valuable feature of the MiniCam HD 5-megapixel mode is the ability to zoom in on the picture, simply by clicking the image, to see greater detail – as pictured below.

The Futudent software separates your videos and images into two different libraries, so that you are able to easily navigate through both.

Finally, all photographs are saved automatically to your library where you can choose to share/ upload them to the cloud, export them to your desktop as Jpegs images, or export them to your practice management software.

For more information about the L.A. Lens MiniCam HD, please click here

The L.A. Lens Team