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L.A. Lens Announces Its Partnership with Dental Health Products, Inc

LOS ANGELES, October 19, 2015 - L.A. Lens (Los Angeles, CA) is excited to announce its new partnership with leading dental supplier, Dental Health Products, Inc (DHPI) (New Franken, WI). DHPI will now provide dental professionals throughout the U.S. with high resolution through-the-lens and flip-up dental loupes, as well as portable LED headlights.

DHPI has been servicing their healthcare partners with quality products, equipment and innovative services for over 20 years. Founded in 1991 by Dale (CEO) and Jim Roberts (COO), DHPI has grown from a home-based business to a distributor with over 200 employees, 2 warehouses and 6 U.S. locations.

For more information, please visit www.dhpionline.com

L.A. Lens with the DHPI Chicago team

How to Measure Working Distance for Your Dental Loupes

How to measure the correct working distance for your loupes ( TTLs or Flip Ups) is a question we are asked frequently at L.A. Lens. It is a measurement that is very simple and quick to take.

The working distance refers to the distance between the doctor's/ hygienist's eyes and the patients mouth. In order to measure this distance, you require two people, the user and the helper. The user needs to assume a normal working position, and needs to make sure that they do not lean forward too much when measuring. Then, the helper needs to place the edge of the tape measure on the bridge of the nose of the user and draw it downwards to the patients front teeth. This number will tell you whether the user needs a Short, Regular, Long or Extra-Long working distance in their pair of loupes. Please use the picture and chart below to help determine the correct working distance.


Taking your working distance measurement is one step in our guide to purchasing loupes, which can be found here.

If you require any further help with taking your working distance measurement please do hesitate to give us a call on (844)-332-8383 or send an email to info@la-lens.com. 


The L.A. Lens Team.

New Nike Brazen Surgical Loupes From L.A. Lens



L.A. Lens is proud announce the Nike Brazen Sports frame as the latest edition to our selection of dental and surgical loupe frames. After taking our customer’s feed back onboard, we now provide a brand-name frame option to compliment our collection. Our Premium Nike Brazen Sports Frame combines style, comfort, and lightweight durability. It features a nylon frame with lateral splash protection, metal accents, and a ventilated nose bridge for anti-fog functionality. We currently have 5 different color options available, ranging from Matte Black to Tortoise Shell. The Nike Brazen frame is available for all magnifications in our TTL (Through-the-lens) Loupes range, and it will soon become available in our Flip Up range. Prices start at $845.00 for a 2.5x Flip-up and $945.00 for a 2.5x TTL 

With a 30-day money-back guarantee and a helpful customer service team, L.A. Lens strives to provide risk-free online purchasing.

To purchase a pair of Nike Brazen TTL Loupes, please click here, If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us (844) 332-8383

The L.A. Lens Team.

Take 5 Megapixel Photographs with the MiniCam HD Loupe-Mounted Camera

Did you know… 

Not only can you use the L.A. Lens MiniCam HD to take HD videos, you can also use it to take high-definition, 5-megapixel photographs. This function is entirely unique to the MiniCam HD and results in higher definition photographs than can be attained with any other loupe-mounted camera on the market.

For dental and medical professionals who are used to taking high quality photos with DSLR cameras, this 5-megapixel function is key. Still images taken with this setting come out clear, crisp, and in a high enough resolution to be zoomed in and enlarged. Pictured below is a still image taken with the MiniCam HD.

One of the most exciting benefits of using the MiniCam HD to take your high-resolution images is that the MiniCam HD is entirely hands-free. By tapping the foot pedal, you are able to capture exactly what you see through your loupes in perfect focus. Images are taken from your point of view and you do not have to stop what you are doing to take them. Similar to the video recording function, you are able to take still images using 2x, 4x, or 8x magnification.

Another valuable feature of the MiniCam HD 5-megapixel mode is the ability to zoom in on the picture, simply by clicking the image, to see greater detail – as pictured below.

The Futudent software separates your videos and images into two different libraries, so that you are able to easily navigate through both.

Finally, all photographs are saved automatically to your library where you can choose to share/ upload them to the cloud, export them to your desktop as Jpegs images, or export them to your practice management software.

For more information about the L.A. Lens MiniCam HD, please click here

The L.A. Lens Team 

L.A. Lens Launches MiniCam HD Software for Mac

TORRANCE, CA – APRIL 22, 2015 – L.A. Lens today announced the launch of its MiniCam HD software for Mac. In order to respond to customer demand, L.A. Lens has worked with its software developers to ensure that the MiniCam HD is fully accessible to the growing Mac user market.

L.A. Lens is passionate about making video communication in dentistry and surgery attainable for all; therefore, the company is offering its Mac-compatible software as a free download. New and existing clients may choose to have both versions of the software without any additional fee. 

The L.A. Lens MiniCam HD is a lightweight (0.56 ounces), loupe-mounted HD video camera that provides medical and dental professionals with hands-free video documentation and image capturing. In addition to its advanced and easy to use software, the MiniCam HD comes with a private cloud server. Users are provided with unlimited cloud storage and may use the cloud to safely and efficiently share their videos with colleagues, students, patients, and more.

Since its foundation, L.A. Lens has had a history of delivering innovative solutions to meet market demands. The MiniCam HD Apple Macintosh interface is another addition to its feature-rich product portfolio.

For more information about The MiniCam HD, please click here.

The L.A. Lens Team

L.A. Lens Introduces The Clearlight Wireless LED Headlight System

TORRANCE CA – APRIL 15, 2015 – Los Angeles-based medical device company L.A. Lens introduces its new Clearlight Wireless LED Headlight system. Designed to provide illumination without the inconvenience of external wires, The Clearlight is mounted to a headband and is powered by a lightweight, built-in battery. The included headband is made of soft natural leather and can be adjusted to fit any size.

The Clearlight LED Headlight provides medical and dental professionals with a circular uniform beam at 7,000 foot candles (75,350 lux). Included in the system are two wireless Lithium-ion batteries, each lasting over three hours. Users also have the option of purchasing a long lasting belt-clip battery pack should they want the flexibility of switching between a wireless and wired design.

In addition to providing users with a wireless lighting solution, The Clearlight has some other key advantages. Not only is the headlight system extremely lightweight, it also does not radiate heat like many other portable headlights. Furthermore, the Clearlight light intensity can easily be adjusted from 0% to 100% simply by twisting the dial.

The Clearlight LED Headlight retails for $695 and can be purchased directly from the L.A. Lens online store. With a 30-day money-back guarantee and a helpful customer service team, L.A. Lens strives to provide risk-free online purchasing.

To purchase The Clearlight Wireless LED Headlight System, please click here


The L.A. Lens Team

MiniCam HD Demo at the IDS 2015

Check out this video taken by Poland's Dentowizja at the IDS in Cologne last month. The video features a demonstration of our MiniCam HD loupe-mounted camera.


To find out more about our MiniCam HD, please click here.


The L.A. Lens Team