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New Nike Brazen Surgical Loupes From L.A. Lens



L.A. Lens is proud announce the Nike Brazen Sports frame as the latest edition to our selection of dental and surgical loupe frames. After taking our customer’s feed back onboard, we now provide a brand-name frame option to compliment our collection. Our Premium Nike Brazen Sports Frame combines style, comfort, and lightweight durability. It features a nylon frame with lateral splash protection, metal accents, and a ventilated nose bridge for anti-fog functionality. We currently have 5 different color options available, ranging from Matte Black to Tortoise Shell. The Nike Brazen frame is available for all magnifications in our TTL (Through-the-lens) Loupes range, and it will soon become available in our Flip Up range. Prices start at $845.00 for a 2.5x Flip-up and $945.00 for a 2.5x TTL 

With a 30-day money-back guarantee and a helpful customer service team, L.A. Lens strives to provide risk-free online purchasing.

To purchase a pair of Nike Brazen TTL Loupes, please click here, If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us (844) 332-8383

The L.A. Lens Team.