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MiniCam 1080 Goes Mobile!

Surgical point-of-view recording just went mobile with our new MiniCam 1080 Recording App for Android. We are pleased to release the new app which makes tether-free filming possible for all MiniCam 1080 users, old and new. The new app makes it possible to record and take photos from anywhere in the room, without requiring a USB connection to a computer.

To get started, simply install the Futudent recording app from the Google Play Store and connect your MiniCam 1080 to any suitable Android phone or tablet. Then put your device in your pocket and start filming as usual.  The device provides power and storage for the MiniCam 1080 and enables an entirely portable camera set-up.

For our V1 MiniCam HD users, a necessary firmware upgrade is required. It  can be installed free of charge by contacting info@la-lens.com. The app is also free on the Google Play store, making this useful new functionality is available to all users.

Key Features:

  • 1080p and 720p recordings supported
  • Capture audio
  • Live stream to external monitor (via Chromecast or Miracast)
  • Free to all MiniCam 1080 users
  • Camera firmware upgrade might be needed, please contact info@la-lens.com

To purchase the MiniCam 1080, please click here.