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New Partnership with Akamai Orthopedics
LOS ANGELES, May 24, 2016 - L.A. Lens, the innovative Los Angeles-based healthcare supplier, and Akamai Orthopedics, Hawaii's leading medical device distributor, announce their new partnership. This partnership will expand access to surgical loupes, portable LED headlights, and HD surgical cameras to Hawaiian healthcare professionals.
Akamai Orthopedics specializes in bringing the most medically advanced equipment to the Hawaiian markets through its extensive portfolio of unique and innovative medical device equipment.
Nasir Khan of Akamai Orthopedics, explains, "Our customers trust our expertise when purchasing within our portfolio of products. We are excited to partner with L. A. Lens, as they are aligned with our vision and provide the most technologically advanced loupes, lights, and HD surgical cameras available."
For more information, please call (844) 332-8383.
L.A. Lens Introduces the Strand Frame

Los Angeles, CA - April 22, 2016 – The Los Angeles-based medical device supplier - L.A. Lens - is pleased to introduce the new Strand Frame to its surgical loupe range. This ultra-lightweight sports frame is made from a durable, high-quality polycarbonate material. Its adjustable, ventilated nose pieces ensure great fit and anti-fogging.

In order to suit a variety of tastes, the Strand comes in 4 stylish colors: blue, purple, black, and red. Each style also features an accent color on the frame arms.

After vigorous testing of the frame durability, L.A. Lens is proud to offer a 3-year warranty on the Strand.

Simon Smallwood, Director of Sales, explains, “We are very excited about this new addition to our product range. We responded to customer demand by providing more color choices and an exceptionally durable frame to offer greater longevity.”

For more information about the Strand frame, please click here, or call (844) 332-8383.  

Placing Prescriptions in Surgical and Dental Loupes

Loupes are designed to ensure that medical and dental practitioners see what is in front of them in high resolution and perfect clarity. For doctors who require vision correction, it is important that their prescription is placed correctly for them to be able to get the most out of their loupes.

Unfortunately, prescription placement in loupes can be confusing. Because prescriptions vary from person to person, we cannot recommend a universal solution; however, once you know the facts it will be easy to choose the best solution for you.


Prescriptions can be placed in both the optical barrels and in the carrier lens. The picture below depicts prescription placement in a TTL loupe.

Prescriptions can be placed in both the optical barrels and in the carrier lens. The picture below depicts prescription placement in a TTL loupe.

  1. The optical barrel. When a user looks through his or her optical barrels, they should see the image directly in front of them in perfect focus. If you have a reading/close up prescription, you should place it here to ensure what you are seeing in front of you is clear.
  2. The carrier lens. When a medical or dental practitioner is wearing loupes and they are looking through the carrier lens, they are trying to see objects at a distance, such as the clock or computer screen. If you have a distance prescription, you should place it here.


Prescriptions can only be placed in the carrier lens in a flip-up loupe. The picture below depicts prescription placement in a flip-up loupe.


  1. The carrier lens. In flip-up loupes, prescriptions can only be placed in the carrier lens. If you have a reading prescription, it is essential that you place your prescription in the carrier lens of your flip-up loupes; this will allow you to see what is in front of you when you are looking through the barrels of your loupes.

It is important to note that each pair of L.A. Lens frames has different prescription limitations. You can find the limitations listed on the product page of each frame. 

If you require further help with prescription placement in your loupes, send us an email at info@la-lens.com.

The L.A Lens Team 

What Should I Look For When I Buy Loupes?

One of the main benefits of purchasing products online is the ability to easily and conveniently comparison shop. In regards to dental and surgical loupes, there are a number of brands offering very similar products and consumers are often left wondering why they should choose one brand’s loupes over another.

In this blog post, we hope to clarify a) the key features to look for in a pair of loupes, and b) why L.A. Lens should be your go-to loupe brand.

The main purpose of loupes is to provide magnification to medical and dental practitioners who engage in work that requires great precision. Loupes are meant to allow for a higher level of accuracy and focus than what can be done with the naked eye. In order to obtain this higher level of accuracy and focus, loupes must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Effective magnification— Provide the necessary close-up view to account for the level of detail required for the job. L.A. Lens provides 3 different levels of magnification to cater for this- 2.5x, 3.3x, and 4.0x. It is important to note that users’ needs depend on their preference and focus of work.
  2. Depth-of-field— A large depth-of-field is necessary for a focused, magnified view. The depth-of-field dictates the range a user’s loupes will remain in focus while he or she works. At L.A. Lens, we understand the importance of this and it is why we specialize in providing loupes with an exceptional depth-of-field of up to 6 inches, while most brands only provide 3-5 inches depth-of-field.
  3. Field-of-view— This is the diameter of the magnified circular view seen through loupes. A wide field-of-view is key because it means users will have a greater amount of their subject area in focus, magnified, and visible. The picture below depicts L.A. Lens wide field-of-view in comparison to the narrower field-of-view which is often found in other brands of loupes. As seen in the image below, L.A. Lens provides the widest possible field in order to allow users to see the largest possible area in magnified focus.
  4. Clarity/ Distortion-free—When you are working with magnified precision, the slightest distortion can result in an inaccurate view of the object in front of you and will essentially eliminate the purpose of loupes all-together. At L.A. Lens, we took this into account when creating our high-definition surgical loupes and it resulted in loupes that provide edge-to-edge clarity and distortion-free optics.

When doing your research, always keep in mind: magnification, depth-of-field, field-of-view, and clarity. We hope this information helps to narrow down your choice when purchasing your next pair of loupes and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

The L.A. Lens Team

Choosing Between TTL and Flip Up Loupes

At LA Lens, we understand that choosing between TTL and Flip-Up Loupes is a dilemma dental and medical practitioners often encounter when purchasing loupes. The question is usually directed at us, with prospective clients wondering, ‘Which loupes do think I should get?’. Because this is a decision based on personal preference and prioritizing your specific needs, we understand that it is not the easiest decision to make. However, we thought we would try to help by providing you with a decision making structure - listing the pros and cons for each category of loupes, which will hopefully enable you to choose the right type of loupes for your everyday needs.

TTL Loupes - Through-the-Lens Loupes

TTL Loupes are also often referred to as ‘front-mounted loupes’. This is because the optical barrels are mounted into the carrier lens of the loupes, based on personal Pupillary Distance measurements. They are fixed at the steepest angle of declination possible to allow the user to attain the most ergonomic posture achievable. Since the Mid-2000’s, TTL Loupes have become the most popular type of loupes on the market, especially with Dental Schools now adopting them as the new standard of practice.

Advantages of TTL Loupes:

 1. Fully customized to the user

These loupes are custom-made to fit each individual perfectly. Catering for personal PD measurements and working distance measurements, TTL Loupes also provide the best possible ergonomic position for user, with no adjustments necessary.

2. A wider field of view

TTL Loupes offer a ‘wider field of view’ through the magnified optical barrels. The reason for this is because the optical barrels are closer to the user’s eyes, which means users are able to see a larger area of focus than they would with the same magnification in a Flip-Up Loupe.

3. Lighter weight

TTL Loupes weigh less than their Flip Up Loupe counter part. This is because users do not have the added weight of the Flip-Up hinge on the TTL. Additionally, the barrels do not protrude out as far, meaning users do not have to rebalance the weight using their neck muscles. This is key when users take into account the amount of time they plan on wearing their loupes each day. It is also the reason TTL loupes are considered more comfortable than any other type of loupe.

4. Prescriptions can be placed in the barrels and the carrier lens

TTL Loupes can accept users’ reading prescriptions in the optical barrels, allowing users to see in perfect focus when working. In TTL Loupes users are also able to place their distance prescription in the carrier lens, enabling them to see the rest of the room in perfect focus as well.

Disadvantages of TTL Loupes:

1. Higher price

TTL Loupes’ retail price is higher than that of Flip-Up Loupes. This is due to the customization process involved creating TTL Loupes for each individual user, such drilling the barrels.

 2. Personalized – only for one individual

TTL Loupes are customized to the extent that users will not be able to share their loupes with other colleagues. Each user will have a different PD measurement, which means the barrels will not be placed in the right position if the loupes were not made specifically for them.

3. Modifications

If the user requires a change in their prescription, he or she will need to send their loupes back to the manufacturer for the modification. With L.A. Lens’ Titanium Flip-Up loupes, users can take their loupes directly to their optometrist every time they need to change their prescription.

4. The optical barrels are fixed in place

The Optical barrels are fixed in place, which means users are unable to flip them up when talking to a patient or dealing with paper work. TTL Loupes need to be taken off, whereas, the hinge mechanism in Flip Up Loupes allow the loupes to be flipped up and out of sight.

Flip Up Loupes

Flip Up Loupes have optical magnification barrels mounted on a hinge mechanism just above the bridge of the nose on a pair of glasses. These loupes flip down in front of the carrier lens. They are called “flip-ups’ as they can be flipped up out of sight using the hinge mechanism, once users have finished working with them. These loupes are very popular as they offer an adjustable angle of declination and an adjustable pupillary distance.

Advantage of Flip Up Loupes:

1. Lower price

Flip Up Loupes cost less than TTL Loupes because there is less of a customization involved in creating them.

 2. Cater to multiple people

The pupillary distance is manually adjusted for Flip Up Loupes, enabling multiple people to use one pair. However, it is important to note that the working distance cannot be changed, which means that if two colleagues have varying working distance measurements (ex: 17 inches vs. 19 inches), the loupes will not be a perfect fit for both users.

3. Can be flipped up out of sight

This is a significant advantage to using Flip-Up Loupes in everyday practice. Users are able to flip the optical barrels up and out of the way when they are talking to the patient, enabling direct eye contact. Additionally, the user can flip up the barrels when doing paperwork or other tasks that do not require magnification. This key advantage makes Flip-Up Loupes a convenient addition to a typical working day.

4. Prescriptions can be changed easily in the carrier lens

Because there is no prescription placed in the optical magnification barrels, it is cheaper, quicker, and easier to change the user’s prescription. With the L.A Lens Titanium range, for example, users are able take their loupes to their local optometrist each time their prescription changes.

5. Greater angle of declination

Flip Up Loupes allow users to customize the angle of declination. Because the distance of the barrels from the users eyes is further, it is enables the angle of declination to be increased - allowing for a more upright, ergonomic posture when practicing.

Disadvantages of Flip Up Loupes:

1. Heavier than TTL Loupes

Flip Up loupes are noticeably heavier than TTL Loupes due to the added hinge on the loupes. Additionally, the optical barrels protrude out further, creating a more uneven weight balance. Because of this, one’s neck muscles need to compensate more when practicing.

2. Narrower field of view

The optical barrels are further away from user’s eyes than they are in TTL Loupes, as the barrels are on the other side of the carrier lens and not drilled through the carrier lens. This results in a narrower field of view, which means users are able to see less of their subject area when working.

3. Angle of declination is adjustable

While this can be an advantage to Flip-Up Loupes because it allows users to manually adjust the optical barrels to an optimal position of declination, it can also be a disadvantage because the barrels have the ability to be knocked out of position. This is occasionally inconvenient, as the user would need to re-adjust the position of the barrels.


After reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of TTL Loupes and Flip-Up Loupes, it is key to identify which advantages are most vital to you. Doing so will help you pick the best type of loupes for your everyday needs. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will be happy to help you come to a decision.


The L.A. Lens Team


What are the Benefits of Using Surgical/ Dental Loupes?

At L.A. Lens we are passionate about providing our clients, whether they are dentists, dental hygienists or surgeons, with an effective ergonomic visual solution. Surgical/ Dental Loupes are designed to allow the user to keep an ergonomic posture while working. This means the user will have a straight back and neck, preventing severe back, neck, and shoulder pain from hours of hunching over patients. An ergonomic posture is key, as it allows users to work for long periods of time comfortably, leading them to be more productive and effective on a daily basis. It is for this reason we have seen loupes become a standard in dental and medical schools across the world. 

How do Surgical/Dental Loupes produce an Ergonomic Posture?

Loupes produce an ergonomic posture by the Angle of Declination they offer.

In the picture above, the angle of declination is apparent. The declination refers to how steep the barrels are angled downwards in the loupe frames, providing the user with the ability to sit upright in an ergonomic position while being able to see the patient below. At L.A. Lens we understand how important the Angle of Declination is in promoting a healthy ergonomic posture. As a result, we supply the steepest possible angle for our clients.

Additionally it is the Magnification provided by Surgical/ Dental Loupes which prevents the natural tendency we have to lean in and hunch over to get a closer look at our focus area, like this doctor pictured below.


At L.A. Lens we provide 2.5x, 3.3x and 4.0x magnification loupes, with distortion-free optics that will produce an image in perfect clarity - as we recognise the need for precision. By doing so, we ensure your subject area will be seen with great ease, comfort, and definition, refraining from adding strain to your posture or your eyes. The image below demonstrates the correct ergonomic posture which is achieved by L.A. Lens' Angle of Declination and Magnification. 


We hope you find this advice useful and please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further questions.
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The L.A. Lens Team