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MiniCam HD Survey Results

We surveyed 591 medical and dental professionals to discover what their main use would be for a loupe-mounted HD video camera. Teaching and lecturing took the lead, with 53.8% of participants choosing this benefit. It is evident that the ability to record videos and take pictures from the user's perspective is an invaluable teaching and learning tool. Users also prosper from the private cloud server, which enables them to quickly and easily email their videos to students, colleagues, and patients. Is teaching/ lecturing what you would choose? Post your comments and let us know!

The results from the survey are posted below. Thanks to everyone who participated!

What would be your main use for the MiniCam HD camera?
53.8%     Teaching/ lecturing
14.4%     Documentation
11.5%     Live previewing
18.2%     Improving patient care
0%          Increasing sales
0%          None of the above