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Dr. Alejandro Berg Reviews the MiniCam HD

Thank you to Dr. Alejandro Berg for this fantastic testimonial about our MiniCam HD loupe-mounted video camera.

Testimonial from Dr. Alejandro Berg (Santiago, Chile): 

"We had been using an intraoral camera for over 15 years and recently switched to the L.A. Lens MiniCam HD in 2015. The change was so radical that we now call our videos "First Person Dentistry". Now the first thing we are asked in every single lecture we give is, "How was this recorded?". The quality of the videos is such that we are able to review videos in order to improve our diagnosis, techniques, and the correlation with clinical success. It has also helped us to change the way we do treatment planning and improve the way we relate to our patients and colleagues. We could not be happier."

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