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L.A. Lens Introduces The Clearlight Wireless LED Headlight System

TORRANCE CA – APRIL 15, 2015 – Los Angeles-based medical device company L.A. Lens introduces its new Clearlight Wireless LED Headlight system. Designed to provide illumination without the inconvenience of external wires, The Clearlight is mounted to a headband and is powered by a lightweight, built-in battery. The included headband is made of soft natural leather and can be adjusted to fit any size.

The Clearlight LED Headlight provides medical and dental professionals with a circular uniform beam at 7,000 foot candles (75,350 lux). Included in the system are two wireless Lithium-ion batteries, each lasting over three hours. Users also have the option of purchasing a long lasting belt-clip battery pack should they want the flexibility of switching between a wireless and wired design.

In addition to providing users with a wireless lighting solution, The Clearlight has some other key advantages. Not only is the headlight system extremely lightweight, it also does not radiate heat like many other portable headlights. Furthermore, the Clearlight light intensity can easily be adjusted from 0% to 100% simply by twisting the dial.

The Clearlight LED Headlight retails for $695 and can be purchased directly from the L.A. Lens online store. With a 30-day money-back guarantee and a helpful customer service team, L.A. Lens strives to provide risk-free online purchasing.

To purchase The Clearlight Wireless LED Headlight System, please click here


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